Top 5 Wicket-Takers in England vs. Sri Lanka Women’s T20 2023

The England vs. Sri Lanka Women’s T20 series in 2023 has provided cricket enthusiasts with a thrilling spectacle, showcasing the exceptional talent and competitive spirit of both teams. Among the many exciting facets of the series, the performances of the bowlers have been particularly captivating. In this blog post, we will delve into the top 5 wicket-takers from this exhilarating T20 series, analyzing their statistics and the significant impact they’ve had on their respective teams.

1. Kavisha Dilhari (Sri Lanka)

Kavisha Dilhari, the right-arm offbreak bowler, has been the leading wicket-taker in the series, accumulating a commendable tally of 5 wickets in 3 innings. Her best innings bowling figures of 2/16 underscore her ability to make crucial breakthroughs. With a remarkable bowling average of 10.20 and an economy rate of 5.66, Dilhari has consistently troubled the English batters and provided vital breakthroughs for Sri Lanka.

2. Chamari Athapaththu (Sri Lanka)

Chamari Athapaththu, another right-arm offbreak bowler representing Sri Lanka, closely follows Dilhari with 5 wickets in 3 innings. Athapaththu’s standout performance came with her best innings bowling figures of 3/21, showcasing her knack for dismantling the opposition’s batting order. Her impressive bowling average of 11.40 and an economy rate of 5.18 have made her a key contributor to Sri Lanka’s bowling success.

3. Inoka Ranaweera (Sri Lanka)

Inoka Ranaweera, the slow left-arm orthodox bowler, has chipped in with 4 wickets in 3 innings for Sri Lanka. While her best innings bowling figures stand at 2/25, Ranaweera’s ability to maintain pressure on the English batters is evident in her economy rate of 8.88. Although her bowling average is 20.00, her role in containing the opposition has been crucial for Sri Lanka.

4. Udeshika Prabodhani (Sri Lanka)

Udeshika Prabodhani, the left-arm medium pacer, has contributed significantly with 4 wickets in 3 innings. Her best innings bowling figures of 2/16 highlight her ability to strike when needed. While her bowling average stands at 22.00, her economy rate of 8.80 reflects her ability to create challenges for the English batswomen and restrict their run-scoring.

5. Inoshi Priyadharshani (Sri Lanka)

Inoshi Priyadharshani, yet another right-arm offbreak bowler for Sri Lanka, rounds off our list of top wicket-takers. She has taken 3 wickets in 2 innings, with best innings bowling figures of 2/16. Priyadharshani’s bowling average of 10.33 and economy rate of 5.16 highlight her ability to make an impact in limited opportunities.

The contribution of these exceptional bowlers has been nothing short of pivotal in bolstering Sri Lanka’s bowling endeavors throughout the duration of the England vs. Sri Lanka Women’s T20 series in 2023. Their remarkable skills in consistently taking wickets and applying pressure have stood as a linchpin in their team’s overall performance and strategy.

As the series advances further, the fervent anticipation among fans grows exponentially, with the expectation of witnessing additional electrifying encounters and witnessing the continued brilliance of these talented athletes in the realm of standout bowling displays.